Closed Board Fencing

We manufacture and supply a full range of closed board fencing products covering all industry standard post, rail and feather-edge sizes.

Here are some of our most popular product ranges:


  • 1.8M (150mm x 75mm)
  • 2.4M (100mm x 100mm)
  • 2.4M (200mm x 200mm) 4WWT



  • 1.828M (fence panel back rails)
  • 2.4M-4.8M (38mm x 88mm)
  • 2.4M-4.8M (47mm x 100mm)


  • 100mm-200mm x22mm-38mm Feather Board
  • 75mm-225mm x 22mm Square Edge

Options available in lengths of 0.9M to 4.8M

We can supply a comprehensive range of products so if your requirements are not listed above please contact us using the button below.


Agricultural Fencing

We offer a substantial range of competitive fencing products without sacrificing quality. You can expect a consistent supply of fencing timber delivered to your yard.

You can also be assured that our tanalised timber stakes and posts will outlast the competition with our state of the art tanalising plant ensuring the protection goes deep into the wood. We pride ourselves on our fast delivery times and in many cases can deliver products within 5 working days. The fact that the timber products are manufactured in-house ensures that we can maintain a consistent supply and will always be ready when you are. In addition to our standard fencing and agricultural product range, we can produce timber products to your own specification. We can also assist with the planning process for your project.

We supply all standard ranges including 5' 6" (3"-4") and 7' (5"-6").
We can also provide hot poles and deer fencing posts.


The Treatment Process

TANALITH water based preservative treatments extend the service life of your wood and help maintain its natural appearance with a choice of colour and water repellent additive options. Timbers treated with TANALITH, through a proven high pressure application process, can be used with confidence in both above-ground and in-ground situations including construction, fencing, landscaping and engineering applications.